Your CliffsNotes for Customer Success Best Practices



Ellie Wu

Founder & Chief Evangelist

As the evolution of Customer Success continues, there is still a lot to be figured out. Whether you are on the front lines, starting to develop initiatives, or building out a dedicated team for your organization, there are benefits in the lessons and observations of others. 

With a first-hand understanding of the entire customer lifecycle and experiencing the hypergrowth in Customer Success, I created PicturingCS - a platform to find clarity in our space and efficiently share best practices. As we transform existing foundations, identify challenges & constraints, and cultivate this opportunity, if you've got an idea or some books/articles you've found enlightening, send them my way!

I am motivated by peers & pioneers to ardently pursue higher standards in Customer Success and believe the potential (for our customers and organizations) of a world-class structure has yet to be fully realized. I look forward to what we can achieve together.

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Brand promises are not naive or idealistic. They are actually excellent road maps to success.