Create & Deliver Value in your next QBR/EBR


This is an expansion of the EBR content as presented by Irit Eizips (CSM Practice) in June's SF Customer Success Meetup.


Phase 1: The Planning Phase

Sweeten the experience by telling them something they don't know and leverage data-driven insights. What will be that “aha” moment? Build a foundation to value discovery through a success plan that shows the customer what is in their control and their responsibility.

Phase 2: The Pre-EBR Phase

Create a powerful call to action providing a clear answer to (WIFM) “What’s in it for me?”. Leverage your executives as needed to bridge alignment at the appropriate levels. Describe the business drivers and value in their terms. Lastly, remember to include the keys to WIFM in both email and calendar invitations. Present and sell your meeting as a priority.

Phase 3: The Live-EBR Phase

Engage the customer in a 2-way conversation leading them through: Current Situation → Challenges → Impact → Priorities → Solution(s). Remember to be curious and ask the right questions (w/ 1 or 2 questions per slide). Perception of value leads to value realization.

Phase 4: The Post-EBR Phase

Timely follow up is key. Include the following:

  1. Meeting summary - share with all the attendees
  2. Action items - clear action plan with accountability
  3. Success plan - use cases, metrics, benefits, executives sponsor, resources, timeline

Another great resource I found to add to your toolkit, is this QBR checklist (thank you CSM Practice).