Takeaways from Customer Success Meetup in SF, June 2016

View from ToutApp

You register for a Meetup a week ahead of time. Then, as the event nears, competing priorities and all the reasons to skip it builds up. Last week was no different and sharing this view from ToutApp's SF office with 100+ others in the Customer Success space was worth it. 

Attending the event with an open mind and tempered expectations, I was pleasantly surprised to see a healthy mix of folks from growing companies (OptimizelyWalkMe, etc.) introducing themselves over some quality pizza.

The networking aspect of the Meetup was in full swing and we eventually corralled folks into the room for the presentations. With Irit Eizips (early executive member at Gainsight and now CEO at CSM Practice) presenting on QBRs and Protik Mukhopadhyay (from PROS) discussing Customer Advocacy, we were all eager to get started.  


Irit breaks her EBR (Executive Business Review) playbook into four phases (1) Planning (2) Pre-EBR (3) Live-EBR and (4) Post-EBR. Too often, QBRs are treated as a checkbox so it was great to see it thought out in this level of detail. Without the right focus on planning, any effort the CSM puts into the content may not reach the right audience or even be applicable to those who show up. The post-EBR phase is also commonly overlooked and, in many ways, more impactful than the actual EBR. I expand on these topics in Create & Deliver Value in your next QBR/EBR. There are also additional tips and details on common "rookie mistakes" in this blog post from Irit. 

Due to the time, I was only able to stay for the first presentation, but did hear good feedback on Protik's session as well. Some thoughts on future Meetups would be to focus on one speaker leaving more time for networking and larger spaces as the interest in Customer Success continues to grow.

Thank you to Junan Pang for organizing. I look forward to seeing and meeting more folks at the next Customer Success Meetup!