How Barbie can influence your future Customer Success strategies. Yes, Barbie.


Futurist Mike Walsh dropped this "mind grenade" on the crowd at NewVoiceMedia’s Connect 2016. Cue the wave of awe for this technological advancement followed promptly by goose bumps. Using wi-fi and speech recognition, Hello Barbie is a smart toy that holds interactive conversations. You talk to her about your hopes and dreams, your favorite color, your likes and dislikes... an absolute goldmine of customer insight.

Welcome to our new reality and another shift in expectations. So, aside from drop-shipping this Barbie to each of our customers, how can Customer Success leaders guide their organizations to adapt? 

Provide the holistic perspective: Take the lead to gain commitment of understanding between all teams (marketing, sales, services, etc.) on the customer’s brand experience. Customers will expect a seamless experience regardless of channel or department.

You should know them through historical data: The customer experience is a collection of touch points and data triggers across all channels.  Knowing their perspective and phase in the journey is becoming the new standard. Salesforce’s $392M acquisition of RelateIQ for their data scientists and knowledge of "relationship intelligence" followed by a serious run at LinkedIn (as did Google and Facebook) supports this changing expectation. 

Move B2B → H2H: Ultimately, it's your customer’s trust in your brand through a history of execution, accountability, and teamwork that will set you apart from your competition. Human 2 Human engagements. Empower your people like retailer Tory Burch and financial-services provider Westpac to drive sales and brand loyalty.

"Study your customers like an anthropologist and augment your team with data"                                                                                                            - Mike Walsh

SaaS lowered the barrier for change and choice opening more doors for us and our customers right along with all of our competitors. As this challenge grows, has your Customer Success core reconciled these shifts to drive the necessary organizational alignment and position for what's coming? 

Or, will Barbie know more about your customers than you do? 

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