It's that define the relationship


This notion of “Defining The Relationship” (DTR) stems from the dating world, but doesn't always happen when the outcome directly impacts your business and bottom line. Do the inter-dependent teams have a mutual understanding of responsibilities and shared set of expectations?

Customer success leaders need to take the reigns of these discussions. This great infographic from (Mark Silver's post) further emphasizes our influence and importance of teamwork across a customer’s lifecycle.

Mark, Product Manager at WalkMe, also notes ”old product-centric methods are…dead; long live the new king – the customer-centric philosophy.” Executives who shift to focus on results and get past the question of “is this a cost center or revenue generating?” will see the greatest ROI.

Alignment across teams starts with sharing the insight and data through a solid platform. Independent of company size or industry, I often hear Customer Success teams agonize over the redundancies and wasted time attributed to lack of systems and processes. Yet, we’re still ultimately responsible for creating value for the customer and growing these relationships for the company.

Let’s say we agree up to this point. What next?

  1. Join forces with Sales Ops and translate responsibilities to CS around Data, Processes, People, and Systems.

  2. Leverage the usage data and bandwidth from your Product team (i.e. through Pendo) instead of reinventing the wheel on your own.

  3. Introduce Support to Marketing and get them talking. Is your customer’s experience on the back-end helping or hurting efforts? Are there ways to bridge that gap?

Getting out there and be curious. It’s a great shortcut to new ideas. I’m eager to see the new format for the SF Customer Success meet up in July.  Hosted by CSM Emilie Davis from (deemed a “game changer” by Mark Cuban) and a great panel including Rahul Jain, Founder & VP of Customer Success at Pendo, visiting from Raleigh. Look forward to meeting more of you there!

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