Customer Focus Effect Takeaways

Extending on my post earlier this week, MindTouch's Customer Focus Event was, for many in Customer facing folks, the highlight of #DF17. Thank you again to  Aaron,  Ari, & the entire team for putting on a first-class affair w/ their sponsors SAP, WalkMe™, FAIRWAY,, Conga, Talkdesk. It was a perfect mix of spirited discussions w/ other customer-centric leaders and an opportunity to learn the battle-tested approaches for scalable customer engagement from Jerry Drobny, Marcus Ruebsam, Catherine Blackmore, Johann Wrede, Edmund Daly, & Stefan Gentz.

From  Stefan Gentz  ,   Adobe 's Global TechComm Evangelist

From Stefan Gentz ,  Adobe's Global TechComm Evangelist

Jerry Drobny, VP of Strategic Revenue Services of SF Giants

The Giants see their fans (customers) as investors and value their role to be an asset that improves their surrounding community.  With the challenges of direct customer insight, they look to create Evangelists from their core ticket holder base and create experiences for them. Some examples include their fan picnic or including the names of their season ticket holders and Team supporters in bricks at the stadium.

Marcus Ruebsam  Senior VP, Global Head Solution Management  SAP Hybris

Marcus Ruebsam, Senior VP, Global Head Solution Management at SAP Hybris

When you focus on providing a designed customer experience, you look for ways to bring Service closer to Marketing and Marketing closer to Service. It's also important to realize the impact that your service channels have on the brand experience. An example of this is Porsche's advance notice for potential issues with your vehicle. Instead of the reactive recall experiences that make up most our automotive post-sale experiences, Porsche's proactive approach builds another level of customer loyalty.

From  MindTouch
From  Sherrod Patching , VP, Customer Success at  Leadspace

From Sherrod Patching, VP, Customer Success at Leadspace

Master Panel discussion led by Aaron Fulkerson, Founder & CEO of MindTouch

Build customer intimacy while delivering on the outcome. With customers having more options and an increasingly complex journey, thinking ahead for their needs and creating connections at scale is critical for organizations. Scale used to be distributor driven and creates customer distance, but now more companies are moving back to a direct customer relationship.

What Customer Focus means -  Traditional departments lead with an inside-out focus. True customer focus is an outside-in approach where you maintain the perspective on how customers experience your product our service. Allocate resources in the context of the customer and design a consistent customer experience across all touch points. 

You must understand customers. When Adobe made their shift to the cloud in 2012, they had 12 million and insufficient visibility. Now they have 10 million subscribers and have transformed their organization. With this new relationship, they can build more feedback loops from the customer to different groups (where they each have their view of "the customer") and create understanding to those that don't have a front row seat to customers experience & perspective. 

Empathy. Consistency. Proactive.