You down with ICP?


The Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is an organization-wide decision in sales & marketing alignment. To scale these repeatable strategies, it should align marketing, sales, service, and executive teams to drive target account lists, segmentation, and organizational structure.

Unlike the "target customer" which is more product-focused on who might buy a product or service, ICP is results-based with a focus on where you can develop long-term symbiotic relationships. has a good blog about defining your ICP about the true selling cycle of a customer: 

  1. Before they buy: The potential your solution has to achieve their goals and why it's worth the investment?
  2. After they buy: What time and resources are needed for a successful implementation how promised value can actually be created?
  3. After they received value: Do they realize and agree it’s your solution that created the value? This needs to be engineered and directed.


Being closest to the customers (successful and challenging) at your organization, are you doing your part to partner with your sales & marketing teams to attract the best prospects to develop into long-term clients & advocates?

Some other great resources to learn more about developing a strong ICP with your Sales & Marketing counterparts:

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