'Tis The Season To Be Proactive

89 percent of consumers began doing business with a competitor after a poor customer experience.
— Oracle 2011 Customer Experience Impact Report

Customer Success has an obligation to take an active role in designing your customers' experience. 


Hello There

Marketing is a growing part of your future customers’ journey; CS needs to provide input on the content, branding, and ICP guidance. What bridges/gaps have you addressed with your solution/organization? Will the content and events speak to the future customers you aspire to acquire?

Making it official

Sales teams establish the first impression and understand the goals impacting decisions. Customer Success can help set the stage for expectations, offer best practice and insights on paths to attainment. Is the CS team involved in these conversations as things start to get serious? Assist in flagging potential bad fits within the pipeline and accelerate deals with confidence building use cases.

From Theory to Reality

Services has a defining opportunity to differentiate the Customer Experience with the guidance of Customer Success. Bridging between Sales and Services for the handoff will remove a significant amount of frustration for the new customers and build credibility with decision makers. Getting these steps right are how you grow future advocates/zealots.

Happily Ever After

Customer Success leads conversations with their clients beyond the data to understand their problems and create plans to bridge these gaps and remove barriers. Analyze and adjust for the Appropriate Experience so that their Required Outcome aligns with the Desired Outcome.  

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