2017 Aspirations for Product & CS Teams


With a galvanized resolve to "do better" and "be better" we, in Customer Success, must elevate relationships and results for our clients through a stronger partnership with Product.  Like Alix Harris (Dir. of CS at Pendo) said in a previous post on proactivity, "...be buddies with the innovators!"

Adoption Investigation

Gain a deeper understanding of how customers use your solution/service while learning how to get new customers off to an enthusiastic start. Where do they find value? What is nice to have vs need to have? In Keri Keeling's (VP, CS & Ops at BluenoseNerding Out to Usage Data, you can gain powerful insight from usage including:

  • signs of churn
  • end users in need of training
  • succeeding/failing features
Identify 3-4 quick win objectives to focus your exploration.

Roadmap Rationale

Do you include customers in your future enhancement discussions? With the shift from product-centricity to customer-centricity, they are your best "crystal ball" so make sure you are building what they need. This step doesn't have to be over-engineered...you could always just ask.


From Mashable's 21 things to expect from Airbnb in 2017


Expectation Allies

According to Steve Tower's, unrealistic expectations is 1 of the 5 critical failures of 80% CX initiatives.  Do you and the client have a clear understanding of deliverables and the corresponding impact(s) to their strategic business success? Customer Experience should not fall victim to organizational silos or conflicting internal metrics. 

Collaborative Advancement

Incremental enhancements are important, but not enough to create the buzz and momentum to drive (or sustain) robust customer advocacy. Customer Champions are encouraged by the trust and partnership developed with key vendors. The exchange of ideas, seeing these come to fruition, and advancing mutual growth is alluring. Timely evaluation with your strategic customers creates alliances, exposes untapped opportunities, and harnesses competitive advantages.


From Mashable's 21 things to expect from Airbnb in 2017


Highlight Results

Recognizing key business impacts as a collective accomplishment are important markers in your customer's journey. Incorporating our product teams, who constantly juggle competing demands from internal and external customers, adds a synergistic element which is often a catalyst for future product developments. Lastly, these events foster stronger bonds with customers and simplify discussions come renewal time. Never underestimate the power of saying or hearing "Thank You."

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