Pulse 2017 Takeaways

With so many thought-provoking moments at Pulse, narrowing it all down for this infographic was definitely one of the hardest ones to date! 


Greg Goldfarb, Managing Director Summit Partners, shared a Venture Capital view of CS as the essential value of a modern business. Even with the shifts of understanding and effort towards recurring revenue, we still have room for improvement. Have you mapped your matrix of traditional functional department to how our customers experience the organization? 

Mark Friedman, SVP at Genesys stepped through his keys to building a world-class CS Team:

  1. Own a revenue number for a seat at the table
  2. Driving outstanding x-functional collaboration and alignment leads to influence
  3. Empower CSMs to see themselves as the CEO of their business and bringing the right attitude  
  4. Develop an unquenchable thirst for continual improvement
  5. CS heroes are not repeatable or scalable. Find the root cause and fix the break. 

When Mari-Frances Bentvelzen and Dylin Webster from Concur talked about bringing the Challenger mentality to CS, I loved it!  Emphasizing the importance of delivering success to your current customers or creating new offerings for new customers. The idea of a value framework for customer touch points unquestionably resonated with me. Stop "checking-in" or "following up" with your customers. Make each engagement count!

According to author Gretchen Rubin, 40% of our day is shaped by habits.  Perfect timing for Tal Tsfany, CCO at Base CRM, to share a weekly/daily cadence guideline to build the architecture many folks in CS can lack and create balance between your strategic, nurturing, and delighting activities and carve the time for key rescues.  Optimizing your day around customer impact means you delegate things that are high impact and easy to then focus on things that are high impact and hard.  Lastly, Tal reminded all of us "Customers are not always right and they aren't always right for you." Yes!

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