Charming Customers with Content

Times are changing, and organizations must adapt to shifting trends. Traditionally, Marketing & Sales take the lead to court prospects. Now, that is becoming a smaller piece of the entire pie, and Customer Success needs to think like a top marketer and guide the creation of engaging content that matters to our current and future clients. To help you explore this further, here are some tips from highly-regarded industry leaders.


Listen to customers. Tailor the interaction to evoke emotion and begin a conversation. - Christine Heckart, EVP at Brocade

In the Voices of the Engagement Economy: Content Reigns article by Matt Zilli, Marketo's VP, Product, Segment & Content Marketing, he talks about the importance of content along with the rise of customer sophistication and an increasing amount of noise.  Some other great nuggets from this article include:

Impressions vs. Mission Statements. How do customers perceive the value of your efforts vs. your self-composed aspirational manifesto? Lada Gorlenko, Director of Research at Smartsheet, takes a unique perspective In if you need a vision, start with a eulogy.

Usually, mission statements indicate and guide what we aspire to do, what we want to achieve, and how we see the future. A Eulogy, on the other hand, reflects how others feel about our endeavor and how they perceive the value of our efforts. The Eulogy is not about what we have achieved, but what we are remembered for. It is about the impact, the ultimate "so what" of our existence. So, how do you want to be remembered?

Use AI to provide options based on historical data and leverage the human touch for the right CX at the right time. - Jordan Kretchmer, Founder & CEO, Livefyre

Livefyre (acquired by Adobe) gives marketers the ability to weave on-brand user-generated content into their websites and other marketing experiences. So, I had to read Jordan's article on Experience Chains: Linking Great Experiences Across Companies. The idea of a singular experience is getting closer to reality for all of us due to the power of artificial intelligence infused with our understanding of the target audience.
Structure your organization to deliver fluid, compelling, and personalized experiences by working with other brands (sometimes even competitors) to create that connection between your customers and the brand. 

Think of the preview trailers at the movies – how do they compose condensed material to pique interest without giving away the farm? - Charlie Liang, Director of Marketing, Engagio

Charlie suggests we take a page and incorporate some learnings into your email subjects/demand gen copy the next time we’re at the movies this summer by looking to the movie trailers for:

  • How they pique your interest to learn more.
  • How they condense material.
  • The ways they peacock without giving away the farm.
  • The subtle ways the movies that the previews are similar to the genre of movie you came to see.

89% of companies expect to compete mostly based on customer experience. By the year 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. - Charlene Li, Principal Analyst at Altimeter

In her report, Experience Strategy: Connecting Customer Experience to Business, Charlene juxtaposes the priority of "customer experience" from the C-suite with the execution of a coherent strategy that aligns customer experience across departments. 
Using relationships as the foundation for a next-generation customer strategy with touch points and journeys remain practical necessities. So, look to a set of prioritized and coordinated moves that use experiences to build relationships that result in brand and business outcomes because Customers want relevance and speed, not delight.

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