The Truth About Customer Experience

Without a deliberate focus on the appropriate internal employee culture, who will deliver the essential differentiated moments of magic in your customers' experiences? Take an audit of your 2018 plans & metrics!

Thanks to James Dodkins for the preview of Put Your Customers Second!

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Once you hire the right people and give them the necessary training, get out of their way.

Insatiable Curiosity - Constantly asking 'what if?' and 'why the hell not' leads to trying new ways of doing things that are better for the team, the customers, and the business.

Inspired to create red-hot brand experiences built on value & quality. Hard work is amplified when paired with employees who have a clear purpose and drive.

Heartfelt Service - People are warm, honest and authentic do things in a way that shows they give a damn. Customers feel this.

Smart Disruption gives us the edge to outsmart the competition. When they’re thinking differently, they innovate instead of replicate someone else's playbook.

Delightfully Surprising - Coming up with fresh ways of doing things and delivering those surprising & memorable little touches. Deliver moments of magic.

Straight Up doing the right thing for each other, the customers, and the company. Be honest and decent.

Lead with conviction and be role models for behavior we want to be adopted. 

Integration and alignment on purpose & strategies across the business magnify our collective efforts and resources.

Empowered employees can solve issues in creative ways using their understanding of what matters most from the front lines. 

Visibility into current employees' & customers' opinions of the company.

At the end of the day, the effort and rigor put into understanding our employees translate to strengthened commitment, communication, and improved implementation. To help the changes stick you need a systematic reinforcement program combining training, coaching, and 360-degree feedback mechanisms. The strongest leaders are all passionate about connecting people with how the work they do contributes towards the Customer. They become the force multipliers of the organization.

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