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Top 5 Traits of a Customer Success Leader

With the growing need, our industry leaders have an incredible responsibility to determine what is next and shape the future of CS. So, here is my submission of Top Customer Success Leader Traits based on interactions with Leaders across industries and companies that have impressed and inspired me.

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CustomerSuccessCon Seattle Takeaways

Having been at The Customer Success Association's CustomerSuccessCon West in January, I was thrilled to attend CustomerSuccessCon Seattle earlier this week also led by CSA Executive Director, Mikael Blaisdell. The takeaways from CSC West focused on CS Exec and CS Team trends and my notes from CSC Seattle expand upon these topics with a great lineup of speakers

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Pulse 2017 Takeaways

150+ speakers and 4,000 attendees to learn from/with across 3 days while time traveling back to the 90's, Pulse2017 did not disappoint. Thank you, Greg GoldfarbMark Friedman,  Mari-Frances Bentvelzen,  Dylin Webster,  Gretchen Rubin, and Tal Tsfany for taking the time to share your expertise.

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